Agalliao! Discovering joy in the midst of pain…



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 It is pronounced    ah-gall-ee-ah’-ho

(it’s Greek- and it means to jump for joy or to own exceedingly great joy)    

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Learning to Agalliao is about how to have joy in your life no matter your situation.

A couple of reviews:

  • “Learning to Agalliao is a “must read” for Christians and a vital tool for Bible Study with both brothers and sisters in The Lord and with those you are mentoring and have led to the Lord. You will find yourself jumping for joy.”                    John S.-Indianapolis, In.
  • What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus is a Christian masterpiece with a dog lover’s point-of-view.                                                                                                                                                 Beth Martin, Pacific Book Review
  • When going on a trip, your most essential item should be a map to help you reach your destination in the most fulfilling way. “Learning to Agalliao” is just such a map in developing and maintaining your relationship with God. You will find yourself picking out favorite sections wanting to read them again and again. Regardless if you have just begun your walk with God or have been on the path a long time, “Learning to Agalliao” is beautifully written and scripture based covering every step for all travelers. I was pleased to see David’s sense of humor peeping up from time to time which made it all the more enjoyable. I highly recommend that you not only read this book but also give it as a gift. What a blessing                                              Bobbie Burnett- Lakeside, Arizona
Sometimes it may seem as though God has allowed great pain and trial into your life and you might even wonder if He has abandoned you. It can make your life so very dark. But God desires that even when you are in the position of being persecuted, or even when enduring really difficult circumstances, that you own joy. But Not just any joy, His joy. I know it is possible, I know it can be done, for God has assisted me with this in my own life. He can assist you as well. There is no magic formula, but there is something we must do. 

Here’s an excerpt from “Learning to Agalliao”-       

“And although evil may be able to identify those who are made righteous by means of the blood of Christ, it cannot steal their joy, because their source of joy is God and they will live as though they love God with all their heart and they will love their neighbors as themselves. These two things are the blood on the doorposts that shield us from the enemy. These two things show us as children of the most high God. And the enemy knows that even if that person is attacked, it will neither sway them from the love of God nor from loving God, because they understand and they perceive spiritual matters and their love for God is not determined by circumstance.”  

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What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus is about discovering God in unusual places…

Here’s some reviews for “What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus”

Pacific Book Review Star
Awarded to Books of Excellent Merit

With photographs of Jenny, and her asymmetrical ears, rather stout posture,
relative short legs and furry coat (which sheds a lot), Sherman captures the dog’s
eyes at moments where some form of inherent wisdom can be perceived – one
of God’s creatures brought as a blessing for only one man to become its
shepherd. To this reviewer, an incorrigible dog lover, I found What My Dog
Taught Me About Jesus to be both entertaining and educational. As I read the
book, my dog was at my side on the floor, looking up at me from time to time, just
as Jenny was with David Ross Sherman as he wrote the book.   A Christian
masterpiece with a dog lover’s point-of-view.                                                                                             Beth Martin, Pacific Book Review

….David Ross Sherman writes about Jenny with affection, using her enthusiasms as well as her needs and fears as examples of how we humans might be seen by Jesus, who loves us despite our weaknesses. His stories of Jenny “praying,” her adjustment to the cats in the house, and her constant watching to see if he is going “outside” (her favorite word) provide both humor and a basis for contemplation. Interspersed in his narrative of life with his dog are a few endearing photographs of Jenny and numerous Bible verses providing further substantiation of his belief that, as a dog is to a human owner, a human is to Jesus. He is careful not to stretch this comparison too thin, though, always returning to the simple love he and his canine companion share, and how observing her has given him insight into his faith life. Animal lovers will appreciate the deep affection and understanding that Sherman has developed with Jenny.                 Barbara Bamberger Scott- US Review of Books (Recommended by US Review of Books)

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Join author David Ross Sherman as he explores the greatest weapon against evil and shows clearly how the bible teaches us to maintain that joy through any and all situations. Search this website, read the blog articles and discover the joy that can be yours by making just one relationship all it can be.      agalliao cover  

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10 thoughts on “Agalliao! Discovering joy in the midst of pain…

  1. Dave, it’s great! And a challenge. It’s not an option as a Christian. It’s what God desires for us – to delight in Him; to be able to “agalliao” in all circumstances. We know joy is a sign of God’s presence, but jumping for joy is a whole different, deep process. May we always ensure our every effort and focus is only on Christ, so we can fully agalliao! Blessings!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Raewyn. I agree totally with you. If everyone could only discover that amazing joy found only in the Lord. It’s such a great place to live.

  2. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward
    to all your posts! Carry on the excellent work!

    1. Diane, you can get the book right on the website. Just go to the buy the book tab and go from there

  3. Congratulations David!! I wish you much success in distributing your “book of joy.” Would love to order a copy. Take care.

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