Just a minute….or two. “Gettin’ over on me”

There just doesn’t seem to be anything that we can’t handle…..except for one little thing. Our own flesh. Now there’s a battle. There are those whose genius may invent great things, yet be devoid of morals or be addicted to alcohol or drugs. It minventoright be that the same person who designed some invention that saved many lives or made the lives of countless people better, will fall into the deep dark abyss of alcoholism or some other addiction of the flesh that may keep him or her in a place of bondage that may hold them for eternity.

Intelligence really has nothing to do with overcoming our flesh.

 Or there might be a man who can run twenty miles up a mountain, swim another ten and then sit in an ice bath for two hours and not even get tired doing all that.Image result for running up a mountain But he may not know how to defeat the lust that plagues him each day.

Physical strength has nothing to do with overcoming the flesh.

Image result for successful and beautifulYou may know someone who seems to do everything well. She’s  beautiful, successful, always looks sharp, has a lot of money, but even though she seems to have it all, she just can’t overcome the hatred she has for someone that hurt her years before. She lives to see that person have failure and has great joy when that person feels pain.

Being self assured and wealthy and having powerful weapons has nothing to do with overcoming the flesh.

The only way we are able to overcome our own lusts and desires is by surrendering, not to our flesh, but to God. The Holy Spirit is able to restore us to the joy of our salvation, no matter where we are on the path.  Focus, it’s all in how intently and with what motive we approach the living God. All that is needed is a cry for mercy and God will respond.

But before we can even begin to be formed in this likeness of God, for that is the goal, we must see the benefit to what lies before us. For if what lies before us is not greater than what we now are experiencing there is no motivation to move in that direction. Faith is everything, trusting that God has brought you to this place, this crossroads, this path. Now it is up to you to chase Him. He has done quite a bit in your life already, if you will only pay attention. Here’s the bottom line:

 1 Corinthians 2:9
But as it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.                              NKJV

That’s a pretty good bottom line. It makes me want to jump for joy….


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