Stepping off

Sometimes we face a decision that can be daunting and exciting at the same time. What exhilaration as you stand at the crossroads  of decisions that affect not only your life, but the lives of others. Perhaps those you love and perhaps even those you don’t even know.  One thing I know for sure is that if you Image result for standing on the edgeallow fear to rule your decision, you will always live in regret and wonder. Those are not good places to live. But at the same time you certainly should never make a decision that important in a whimsical, non-serious manner without serious research and of course, consulting both friends and family and oh yeah, God.

Prayer is one of the most important, if not THE most important way of discovering if we are in God’s will. He is able and He desires to let us know what His will may be, but we must go seeking it through some prayer and fasting and perseverance.  But what if even that doesn’t work? What if you are doing all this fasting and praying and talking and there is still no clear cut answer?

Well, here’s a little rule of thumb: Ask yourself the following question; ” Will this thing affect my relationship with God? If I take one path over another will it guide me into a closer relationship with God or take me farther from Him. It is always the will of God that you be drawn closer to Him. It isn’t failsafe though. I once was 100% sure that God wanted me to enter into a particular ministry. It involved investing a considerable amount of money. I lost it all. Lack of planning and preparation and waiting on the Lord led to a disastrous end.

I have also begun one ministry just to be led to another ministry within two years. But if I had not involved myself in the first, the other would not have happened.

So the answer is that we walk by faith. If you have done all the prep work; research, planning, discovery regarding both aspects of the situation, speaking with friends and family and you have sought God with all your heart by praying and perhaps fasting, then you have done all you can do……except for waiting. If nothing is heard, then don’t move. For an absence of yes is no. If it’s yes, then step off that cliff into the air and know that God will catch you.

If you really trust God, trust Him to give you an answer. You will be jumping for joy when you get it, no matter what it is, for it will be hand delivered by the Holy Spirit and there will be no doubt as you leap into the air while celebrating the joy of knowledge of the Lord.


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