Life is back!

I just watched an address by Vice President Mike Pence at the National Right to Life rally in Washington D.C. I was so happy, so excited,Image result for babies so very pleased and filled with joy (can you tell I liked it?) at the prospect of seeing the murder of our children stopped.

Life is winning! That was the theme of Mr. Pence’s speech.

Abortion is personal for me. My ex-wife aborted our third child. I wasn’t allowed to protest, to interfere, to stop it. It was 1985. I drove her to the clinic, attempting to reason with her on the way and when we arrived, I stood outside and prayed. I prayed for her, I prayed for the baby, I prayed for the people inside that place who were about to take the life of my child while I stood outside, helpless to stop it. It was one of the worst days of my life. I hope to one day meet that child. It will be glorious. In fact I will have the time to meet every single child who was ushered through the gates of heaven via an abortionist’s tool. They will be praising God alongside all who knew they would be there. As well as many of those mothers who chose to end the life of their child, those who, too late discovered that life, all life is precious. But that’s not an unforgivable sin.

Life is precious. Life is what God is all about. He does everything He can in order to protect life, even making it eternal. When Mr. Pence spoke, he talked of never being confrontational with those who oppose you when it comes to this subject. That is not an easy thing to do. Gentleness will always win out over confrontation and violence. Mercy and forgiveness and kindness will win victory over anger and screaming.

I have forgiven my ex-wife long ago. For I know the truth. In fact I have forgiven all who have ever harmed me and I pray for forgiveness from those I have harmed. You see. that is the way of life. Mercy and forgiveness, coupled with love and joy at life. The battle for life is long from over, but it is good to see that those now in power are those who at least respect life for what it is….a gift from God.

The Vice President referenced the Declaration of Independence and the God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life is winning again. We need a “life at conception” act to be passed by our congress and signed by our President. I truly believe that is when life begins. If not, could someone explain to me when exactly does it begin? Life is precious, all life. Life matters, every life. I am jumping for joy today that life is coming back!



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