Fruit anyone?

I have been in some discussions regarding the fruit of the spirit lately. And after speaking with some friends, I think some observations are necessary. We all need fruit in our lives and a variety is really good to have, even when we’re speaking of spiritual fruit. The verse describing this diversity in fruitfulness is, of course;

Galatians 5:22-23
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.  NKJV

Image result for a lot of fruitOne thing we all must realize is that we are speaking of fruit here. These aren’t gifts, they are things that are produced by the Holy Spirit in us; thus the term, “fruit of the Spirit”. But it is in conjunction with us, for we do have a part to play in this process of producing this spiritual fruit. Think about it; Even in planting a plant, there are several media that come together in order that when a seed is planted, it will grow.

You will require dirt, you will need some water, maybe some light and heat,  and some air. And some time. Most of all, you need the seed. Within every single seed lies the genetic code of all that seed could be. Inside every acorn lies a mighty oak. But just because a genetic code is present doesn’t mean that any particular piece is not able to be changed. After all that’s what overcoming is all about, isn’t it? That certainly is what the fruit of the Spirit is all about.

The Spirit of God enters us when we humble ourselves and come to Him, repenting of our sins and acknowledging Jesus as savior. God desires we overcome our flesh, the world and the devil. He knows we are unable to do that on our own, so He invades us and gives us both gifts and enables us to learn to chase after things like we find listed in the fruit of the Spirit.Image result for spiritual fruit  Things that we may be unable to develop in ourselves, but God graciously brings out in us those things in our personality that will show us as children of God. As we develop these things we begin to look more and more like our Father. For in the end we will be filled with love toward all. even those who would do us harm.

The things of God are not found by all people, but only those to whom the Son reveals them. Here’s the kicker, though. He also promised that if you seek for these things they will be found. So what’s to keep you from seeking God. I promise that if you want to expand your knowledge of God, just begin to look. He will fill you up… more ways than one.


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