Transformed Disciple: Is that you?

Becoming a disciple means that we are learning the art of submission. For a disciple submits to a teacher who will teach that person how to submit to and follow Jesus. It becomes everything to the disciple. And we become responsible to our own submission and vows we make before the Lord.Related image

Becoming a disciple also means that you learn the words of Jesus. You need to know His words for in His words are found all His ideas, His thoughts, and His approach to the everyday problems of the people who approached Him and with whom He interacted while He walked the earth. And guess what? The problems of the people who lived in the first century are the same problems  people have now. Spirituality has always been a challenge for people. It hasn’t changed. People still wonder if they’re doing it right. People still need healing. People still need to know that if they ask it will be given to them, if they seek Jesus, they will find Him.

Image result for flying across the oceanAlthough we may have the conveniences that come with modern life, and we can fly across oceans and discover many miracles which seemingly come from the hands of doctors and some modern inventions, they still are handed to us from the hand of God.

A disciple needs to learn the way Jesus ministered. He was gentle and always brought the problem a person faced to the forefront so the person could face it. No one could and no one can hide anything from God. And why would you? Jesus was kind and the lessons He taught were filled with the love of God whenever He spoke. As Jesus ministered, He showed the Father’s love in all He said and did, right up to allowing a Roman soldier to drive nails into His hands. And even as He died as He was held to the cross by those nails, He asked the Father to forgive that same soldier. Kind, don’t you think?

A disciple of Jesus will learn and then imitate the life of Jesus and Image result for forgive them fathercertainly the character of Jesus. That means that as you submit in your life to the things I already have mentioned, that the old ways, the darker ways, the merciless ways, the mean ways will begin to dissipate and will one day be gone forever….you know all things have become new. But the newness is not a new you, the newness will be Christ in you. There is no way that anything less is acceptable. No matter what you think, nothing less is acceptable. That is the narrow gate.

And finally a disciple will find other disciples to reach and teach them about Jesus. There is no wavering on this point. We must tell others about Jesus. We must talk about Him to others. Even if that person may already be a Christian, we will desire to discuss Christ with those who claim they have Christ. If we see something that isn’t quite right, we will certainly try to bring that person a full reality of Jesus. To not do so is sin. And if we fail in this we may allow that person to suffer for an eternity….needlessly.

Oh…and by the way, you may be held responsible. So you should understand that while you learn the ways of Christ, all the information you receive will make you responsible for that information. Kind of makes you not want to go any farther doesn’t iRelated imaget? Too late. You already have passed the point of no return. You see, God knew you would be at exactly the point at which you find yourself.  He made you for not only the knowledge you now possess, but He understands what you will do with that knowledge. He gave us these verses so we would understand. Ephesians 2:8-9

 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,  not of works, lest anyone should boast.

Grace is God’s influence on our lives. In a way it is God discipling us. It is God giving us some of His wonderful traits so we may utilize them in our lives. It is the love of God being poured out in our lives. But we must ask ourselves, “What are we to do with this information, this grace with which God has blessed us?” Glad you asked. You see if it is God’s grace that has allowed us to become that wonderful new creation, the person who no longer is always looking out for number one, the person who no longer cheats and steals and lies, the person who no longer only thinks of how they may get over on someone, then we are under obligation to utilize those gifts for the glory of God.

And we are given  verse 10 to show us exactly why we have been chosen by God to possess these wonderful traits of God. It is through our discipleship that we learn the ways of God, but this verse is the reason Ephesians 2:10

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Like I said, He knew to whom He would offer His wonderful gifts. And He knew that we would be unable to do the things He had planned for us without the tools He prepared for us, so that we would be able to deliver on the promises He made not only to us, but to those He puts in our path.

Have you ever considered that? That you may be someone who is used by the Lord to bring someone to Him or to teach a lesson to someone?Image result for god's grace We never know how God may be able to use us and that’s why we need to be prepared with both the knowledge of God to the degree which we are able to know as well as the love of God that we may be required to display at any given moment. It could be totally unexpected and it may be toward someone we really don’t feel like loving, but if we fail in any of the small things to which He sends us, He may not send us on a mission that may be bigger or in our eyes, more important. And that will limit our ability to leap for joy…


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