Where did you learn that?

As we move forward in our life, the question will come to each of us; Why am I here? For some it comes very early and forces us to begin to look at our livesImage result for why am I here? with that question ever before us as we walk each day, looking for our mission and working to fulfill it. But some don’t seek the answer to that question until later and it is they who sometimes, because of lost time, often are found working twice as hard as the others in order to make up for that lost time.

We all came to the knowledge of  the truth because of someone. We have met some person or persons along the way who have guided us in the path of love which can only be the path to Christ. For He is love. For the sake of argument, let’s call these people mentors.  Now, in the traditional sense of the word, a mentor is one who is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Expand that just a bit in the spiritual sense to one who reveals knowledge …of the truth. As Christians, we are all under obligation to be spiritual mentors toward everyone we meet. To all our family. To all our friends. When we invite Christ into our life and begin to seek Him in earnest, there is a cost and this is part of that cost. But we are never to show anything but love to those whom God places in our path. To do anything else is to fail in our mission, our most basic mission.

You see, this is the greatest gift we can possibly give to another human being: The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.Related image We have two main ways of sharing this wonderful news with others. Both are effective, but one is more effective than the other. We can tell others about the love of Jesus Christ or we can show others the love of Jesus Christ. Both of these ways are necessary in order to accurately describe the love of Jesus that abides in our hearts, but the one that will leave the biggest impression is the one that has some action connected to it. You can’t give words a hug. Words can evoke a response such as joy and laughter, or sadness and weeping. They can make someone afraid, they can give a little comfort, but when someone puts their arms around you and whispers, “It’s going to be alright” there is just nothing like it. Actions trump words every time.

And when we tell someone about Jesus, our words must line up with what our actions show. If they don’t we will have some serious issues down the road, both with our witness to that person and with our position as a believer in Jesus. I’m not saying that we cannot be forgiven, but the impact on the lives of those we may affect by what we do can be quite devastating. So we should try to keep ourselves from sin. But never think that because you committed some sin and were caught in it, that you must never speak of Jesus again. You just must repent. It is quite possible that if you were in a ministry, that ministry will change. But Jesus will never forsake us for our sin, in fact He died so we could be forgiven and repent of whatever it is we have done. The point is that we must change our actions to line up with our words and if we are truly a disciple of Jesus we will realize that our lives are not our own. When we gave our life to Christ we gave all of our lives.

1Corinthians 6:17                                                                                                                                                  But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

This is such a true statement.Related image If we are saved we are joined to the Lord in a spiritual way. This is a very serious matter. Joining our spirit with His Spirit is an amazing miracle and should not be taken lightly. It means a lot to Him, and it should mean everything to us. It is something we should never take lightly.

Our actions should show God’s love to those around us, those watching, those who do and those who need to have Jesus in their lives. And should we run into someone who has sin in their life, we should not condemn them, but joyfully and lovingly let them know that their sin may be blocking blessings from God…or worse.

That’s what a mentor does. Not just words, but joyful reminders of God’s love. We may not be a full time mentor to someone and we may even have a mentor that is younger than us, for wisdom comes in all ages. Remember Jesus only lived to 33 years old yet I would say He was the wisest person who ever lived. As we grow spiritually, we will discover that to share whatever knowledge we may have discovered in our walk, we will desire to share with others. But in order to do that we must have fellowship with one another. If we want to mentor one another we must celebrate, we must worship, we must fellowship with one another.

The word fellowship in the Greek is the word koinonia.

koinonia (koy-nohn-ee’-ah); from NT:2844; partnership, i.e. (literally) participation, or (social) intercourse, or (pecuniary) benefaction:

It is interpreted in the King James version as these words- (to) communicate (-ation), communion, (contri-) distribution, fellowship.

Focus though on the very first definition, which was “partnership” Partnership is a very interesting word.Image result for partners with God For to have a partner there must be a certain level of trust and that just doesn’t occur with everyone. You know, there are some people who will earn trust over a period of time and there are some people who you just trust instantaneously.

When we are at either end of a mentoring relationship, we must involve trust. If we cannot trust the one with whom we are having this very important relationship then there really is no relationship. Trust is very important. The relationship of mentoring is guided by trust because we must trust that the person passing along information is truthful and only truth is passing in either direction….and the one who is receiving information is not changing what they have received, thereby changing the truth which is then known as a lie.

There are no rules, except that you trust one another enough to share everything, that you care enough to stand in the gap for one another, that you have love for one another enough to both give and receive blessing and love from each other.

But you must remember that the mentoring process is a learning process. It is important because you must be intentional about it. You don’t accidently enter into the process, you must first consider it, then make a decision to do it and then seek out someone who would be a good mentoring partner. You must be right for one another and be in the same ballpark spiritually. Not necessarily as far as spiritual understanding goes, for it will be necessary for one person to be mentor and the other mentee.

And this is where there can be trouble. For the mentee, the one receiving some instruction must humble him or herself and accept the fact that they do not have a total understanding of spiritual matters. So the true disciple will seek someone who may seem to have a better handle on a particular area. We must trust God to lead us into relationships that will be spiritually rewarding. And if we do that, we know we can trust Him to guide us into healthy and rewarding physical relationships as well.

Trust me on this, but both people in a spiritual mentor/mentee relationship will experience great rewards in the spiritual plane.  (Maybe even the physical as well) There are so many benefits to this kind of relationship, I urge everyone to find a person with whom you can have this type of relationship. Pray about it. Seek out a mentor.


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