I’ve never met anyone who did not desire to live in peace…..or at least that’s what they said. But, I have met some who by their actions spoke something else. They spoke discontent, war, malice, anger, and frustration. They said that they hated these very things, but they constantly did the things that brought all of these things into their lives…and sadly, the lives of others.

I speak in the plural, they, because I have known more than one person who is like this. In fact, I have known many. In fact, I may have known more who are like this than those who have truly spoken peace. In fact, I have been one of these people. How can this be? How can anyone truly desire anything but peace in their life? How could someone want to live in turmoil?

The answer is really rather simple. They are being deceived. And please understand something. Deception doesn’t have to be permanent. And to be deceived, it doesn’t have to be a really big, huge, giant deception.Image result for deceived Sometimes a very small deception will wreak great havoc in one’s life. Of course the big ones count as well and should be avoided, but trust me, our enemy focuses on the very tiny deceptions in order to throw us off and to remove us from the presence of the Lord. And if he is successful enough, he will succeed in driving us completely from God’s side.

The way he does this is by destroying our peace. And the way he does that is by distraction, irritation and confusion. It may sound like something that we, as mature adult Christian men and women, would easily be able to spot and then overcome. But if we were, there would not be the separation from God that is so prevalent in our society today.

And we must understand that what causes this lack of peace is our separation from God. There is no other act that can so totally destroy the perfect serenity we call peace as leaving the presence of the One who grants us that same peace we enjoy by His very presence.

And how is it that we leave His presence? We walk into sin, and by this we turn our backs on His great love and from His great light and run  toward the darkness of our own pleasures. I know this to be true because He has promised to never leave or forsake us. So if ever we feel abandoned, it is not God who has abandoned us, but rather we who have abandoned God.

The good news is that He will welcome us back and restore our peace, even if we are gone for a long while. But make no mistake, if we fail to move toward Him, we run the risk of losing eternity. I wonder if it is better to dance a dance of destruction with one who desires to watch you suffer, for he has already been judged, or to walk with the Lord of life and light as you go through this life and into the next. There may be no tomorrow. But the right choice today will lead you to a very wonderful existence where you may jump for joy at the knowledge of the King.


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