Who do you trust?

Yesterday was a pretty normal day for the most part. A good church service, an inspired message, and that, even after getting in the middle of a dogfight and getting bit the day before. That wasn’t the weird part.  After church one of the ladies who comes was giving free haircuts to some of the guys in church  who are in our housing program…that wasn’t the weird part either. Then I got a phone call from the residence that is supported by the housing program.

A woman was found dead in one of the rooms.

I went up to the residence, we term it “the Inn” and the police were already there and waiting on the Medical Examiner. It looked like an overdose.  As the one who facilitates this program as the president of the Coalition Against Homelessness in our area, I feel a responsibility to the community in which we live, to the other residents, to the family of the woman who died….and perhaps even to that woman. Did I fail this woman? Did someone else? Did society? The answer is yes, we all did and no, no one did.

As adults, we all make decisions. Every day. The decisions we make will certainly affect others, not all of them, but most. The decision of this person to use a drug to get high while in a sober living housing unit is indeed a very sad thing, for it has had an effect on many people. I hope it will not turn community support for our program, but more than that, I am saddened that someone felt such a deep need to get high instead of reaching out to someone, anyone. That’s addiction. It is never easy, no matter what the addiction is.

Instead of judging these broken people, these folks who for the most part, have merely made some wrong decisions, we attempt to help them. We have a lot of rules and because of this event, there will be more….but rules aren’t the answer either, for if you are determined to break the rules,  you will. The answer is learning to trust . This woman trusted dope to get her by, and instead it killed her. I guess she trusted the wrong god.

I have discovered that if you will learn to trust God in every situation, your trust is well placed. And there is only one God to whom I refer. The Creator of all things, the Master over life and death…you know, God. Trusting Him is the only way I get by. It’s pretty simple, really. I just follow in His footsteps, the footsteps of Jesus and no matter what happens, I know that my trust is well placed. And I can join with Job who said, “Though He slay me, I will praise Him.”….I will also trust Him. We all should learn to stay as close behind Him as we can and then there will never be anyone or anything that gets between us again.


2 thoughts on “Who do you trust?

  1. David, that is so sad. I often wonder what makes people turn to dope instead of Jesus? Perhaps no one has shown them the way of salvation.We are all at fault if there is any fault. May she “rest in Peace” and God be with her family in their time of grief.

    1. It is so true Pam. When people are searching for something they don’t understand, (God) it seems they start with the worldly things ans some never leave, for the pull is great. We will carry on and continue, but it saddens me to think she might have been saved.

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