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After spending over 20 years as a photographer, David Ross Sherman was called into ministry as an Envoy (Pastor) with The Salvation Army in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. His primary desire is to see everyone enter into a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. He is often been heard to say, “This is not a game”, but although it is serious business, he understands that a life lived with Jesus is a place filled with unbelievable joy. He is the first to admit that perfection is never found in God’s people, for he himself has a background that would leave those who knew him while he was living with both feet in the world wondering how he ever became a preacher. He is living proof that Christ changes the heart, but it takes seeking Him with all you have. Joy in the life of a changed person is evidence of the love of Christ for the fallen. And being free from the bondage of sin in the life of a believer is evidence of the power of Christ to change us. He loves us too much to leave us in our sin. Take a few moments to peruse the site and see how you can learn to jump for joy, even while in the midst of trial, tribulation or temptation.

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  1. I am so blessed to have David and Tina as dear friends. The book is dynamite and I have read it twice! Ready to read again!

  2. To this reader there is nothing more important for an individual than his/her profession of faith and a lasting relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ and being submissive to the Holy Spirit. In Learning to Agalliao David Sherman lays a coordinated path that is presented in well defined, easy to follow, step by step trek through the jungle of life’s issues and to face them with certainty but to overcome them and not with just joy, but exceedingly great joy (Agalliao).

    In the book you will find just the right balance of Scripture reference and Spiritual wisdom that everyone can understand. There is gain for the seasoned Christians spiritual growth, and, for the “babe” in Christ to learn and heed for their advancement in understanding and commitment to a true Christian Walk.

    Learning to Agalliao is one of those “teaching” books that one can actually learn from and apply to everyday life. You will see how you can become a live instrument in God’s orchestra by using what He gives you through The Holy Spirit, you will learn how to discern the Word of God and how to filter the worldly rhetoric and how to apply God’s Word to your everyday life as a demonstration to yourself and others so that you can lovingly disciple and not agitate the non-believer to Jesus and The Word of God.

    This is a “must read” for Christians and a vital tool for Bible Study with both brothers and sisters in The Lord and with those you are mentoring and have led to the Lord. You will find yourself jumping for joy.

    John S.
    Indianapolis, Indiana

  3. I am so excited to read your book Dave!!! Congratulations!!! David and Tina are amazing giving God loving people I had the privilege of working with at the Salvation Army Post in the White Mountains.

  4. I had the opportunity to visit with David Sherman on the air in Show Low last week and learned to appreciate his heart for the Lord and for sharing his knowledge with you and me in his book, Learning to Agalliao. Thank you, David and Tina Sherman for your hospitality show me and all of the folks in the White Mountains through the Salvation Army.

    Be blessed! And sell a bunch of books!!

    Miss Debbie, host of TreeHouse One on Your Celebration Radio Network, KSNH 88.5, KNLB and KNLM.

    1. Thank you Debbie, not only for giving us some time to speak about the book and the work of The Salvation Army AND the National Day of Prayer happenings in the White Mountains, but for all you do to minister to folks who might not otherwise hear such wonderful Christian music, and the way you bless so many children by way of Treehouse One. Just Awesome. Look forward to hearing from you soon! Be blessed!

  5. Wow, David, that is so beautifully written I have tears in my eyes. I love the picture of you. I hope you sell a million. Love, sis

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