Don’t worry; I’ll protect you

Fear is an ugly thing. It can ruin your day and usually for no
reason, for most of the fear we have in our lives is unfounded.
Many of us can look back on times when we were fearful and laugh at
how what we thought was the end or very near that turned out to be a
great learning experience. But it left us a bit more wary of things that
come at us.
Then there are the triggers—the things that make us remember
the times we were in fear—and for good reason. Our world may have
been falling apart, our lives filled with despair and grief, and although
we may have survived, we are scarred. We are forever forced to have, in
that hallowed place that should be occupied by thoughts of bright colors
and laughter and smiling faces, memories of darkness and evil instead,
whose desire it is to bring us back as often as possible.
Jenny has lived in that place of fear, and she can return instantly
to that place of fear, even though there is nothing to fear. But because
it happened so early in her life, it is indelibly marked in her psyche in
a way that presents itself in ways that sometimes break my heart.