I will find you and you will give me love

Jenny never minds searching for me for she knows she will find me.
She focuses on the reward. She prepares her heart in the moment it takes
to realize I am not with her, and she chases me with great enthusiasm.
Her autonomic responses take over, and those are her soul. But it is
her heart, her desire to find me, that makes her go, makes her face any
obstacle, for she knows she will find the prize—me—and I will give her
love, which is all the reward she seeks.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to think of our pursuit of God that way?
Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to know that the end of our pursuit, the
end of our journey, would be the reward of being with our Master?
With that mind-set, we will never stop seeking Him, with all our heart
and with great enthusiasm. Jenny has figured that it’s more fun if she
is enthusiastic about it. We can all learn that lesson. When we begin to
lose our enthusiasm, we will discover that other things will soon creep
into our minds, and then our bodies will soon follow. But the cost of
being a disciple of Jesus is great. It doesn’t cost us 10 percent of what we
earn or any other material thing. It costs us everything.