From chapter one

I have no idea of Jenny’s past. From knowing a bit of her history, I know that it has been difficult. Such beginnings are always difficult. But the difference is that she has not let her past shape who she is. And neither should we. We may have come from a place of sadness, a place of pain, a place of loss, a place of abuse or a place of abandonment. Although all of these places are not the places we would choose to be, they may be a place where we have, by our own choices, put ourselves. That, of course, is not always the case, but for most adults, we live where our choices have taken us. Sometimes we are abandoned by those who we thought we could trust or have been betrayed by those we loved. Perhaps we were adopted and then returned because we didn’t meet the requirements of the adoptive parent. There are absolutely no guidelines for pain and loss, but I do know there is One Who will never leave you, never betray you or cause you pain.