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There are many aspects to many events in life. Many are about learning and some are about teaching. David tries to do both.  David is available for teaching, speaking or seminars on a variety of subjects. The word he shares is always from the bible or based on the bible. He would be glad to discuss with you any articles, events, speaking engagements or other types of events which involve many or more intimate groups. There are no rules. He is a dynamic speaker and often provides interactive seminars to groups, if desired.

Of course he loves to discuss both his books, “Learning to Agalliao” as well as “What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus” but he can also present topics such as the peace of God to your group or he can discuss the many aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Seminars and sessions are geared toward making participants walk away with both knowledge of the subject matter as well as practical steps to inclusion into people’s lives.

If you would like to book David for speaking, seminars or any other engagement, please leave your contact information below or contact David directly at or at (928) 251-2335. He will reply to all inquiries as soon as possible, but a minimum 3 month notice is normally required to get on his schedule. Each event is taken into consideration on its own merits and costs are negotiable.  David desires to assist others in as many ways as possible. As we stated, there are no rules. Just leave your contact information as well as any pertinent information regarding the event you would like to schedule and we will contact you soon. Thank you.


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