self control

But self control cannot be limited to not doing things, like choosing not to sin, not to run from temptation, not to do things that are wrong either morally or spiritually or in any other sense, but there is a better use of our self control and that is to actually do what is needed. It may be viewed as forming good habits. When we decide to do a daily devotional or a prayer time or any other thing that will give us some time alone with God, we always begin with good intentions. We make a decision to do something and then we start and quite often by about the third day, we let something else distract us, or otherwise get in the way of what we had originally planned. So in our lack of self control, which often includes letting outside things influence us, we abandon what we had begun as a way to grow in our relationship with our Lord. If this sounds familiar to you, believe me you aren’t alone, but it doesn’t have to be. We must make a decision to persevere….and then we must persevere. God is more than willing to assist us in the challenge, but like all things God, we have to do our part. There are always some who will come alongside you while you form good habits. Find them and then use their help. Tell them what you’re trying to do. You will soon find you are jumping for joy at the “new” you!

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