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 What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus                                          Hardcover  $29.95                                                                                                              Softcover $15.00 (limited time only)  New release special                                                                a book about discovering God in unusual places as well as a touching story of an amazing dog and her relationship with her master.

 agalliao coverLearning to Agalliao has been reduced                                    Hardcover $28                            Softcover $10                                                                                                                     You or a loved one may be experiencing  pain in your life.   “Learning to Agalliao” shows you why you still have a reason to jump for joy!         

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E-Book $5.99 or less (available from all e-book providers) We do not carry the e-book through the website.

shipping for either Hard or softcover of either book- $3.00

  If you order from this website, David will be glad to autograph and personalize any copy you purchase, or if you get a copy from anywhere else, and you happen to be in the White Mountains of Arizona, he can still do it. email him at to let him know when you’re coming. he will make arrangements with you.
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Thank you so much for learning to agalliao with us!


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